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Amish Quilted Pillows with Hand Dyed Fabric
Amish Quilted Pillows
with Hand Dyed Fabric

Shaker Furniture & Handworks celebrates the applied arts by offering a unique assortment of American handworked arts, crafts and accessories. These items will surely beautify your home or make unique and distinctive gifts for someone special.

  • Jonathan's Cherry Spoons
  • Authentic Shaker Oval Boxes
  • Copper by Michael Bonne
  • Amish hand-quilted pillow from hand-dyed fabric
  • Three Feathers hand-spun true pewter
  • Hand-woven basketry
  • Stoneware and pottery
  • Woodenware
  • Hand-woven rugs and placemats
  • Folk Art
Assortment of Handworked & Gifts
Assortment of Handworked
Accessories & Gifts
Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons
Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons
Authentic Shaker Cherry Oval Boxes
Authentic Shaker
Cherry Oval Boxes
Shaker Furniture & Handworks Shop Hours

Shop Hours

Storefront closed in 2020. See our home page for information about our online business.

Phone: (847) 696-4700

For more information, send a quick e-mail to .

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